Tear in the space-time continuum

Neil T Wittmann

Hello, and welcome to my surreal, contemporary, world.

I believe we are the sum of our experience. All experience is valuable, forming 'who we are' and how we see the world.

 I am a member of ;
  Harrogate Photographic Society
  GAMMA photoforum
  and an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society

what I do .. (most of the time :)

I like to wander around locations with my camera and explore a subject as fully as possible. I then take my image to another dimension of its existance, there, I examine and search the image in a bid to discover what really got me to press the shutter release in the first instance.

I realy enjoy printing my pictures. My 'go to' papers are Hahnemuhle fine art papers (no, no sponsorship yet but I live in hope :)
I am just trying out archive quality prints on aluminium and metal, so far, I am really impressed.

You can see my work elswhere ;
Facebook photography page Please 'like' :-)
On the RPS website as an example of 'what's worked for others'

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